About Us


The founder of this miraculous herbs handmade soap is a doctor living in Malaysia. He treated many patients and in the process of seeing a lot of difficult and incurable disease, let's him gain a lot of experience. In the end a lot of patients are completely cured, and many of them praised his skill.

The skin disease is a very annoying kind of illness. Western medicine cannot completely cure this disease and Chinese medicine is hard to drink.

Seeing such a situation, the doctor was determined to create a soap to help more patients with skin disease. His goal is to cure all the patient from the skin disease and to release the worries from the patients. To be able to do this he formed a team started to develop the herbal enzyme hand soap to solve the skin disease problem. The team is constantly studying how to combine and to incorporate the essence of the traditional Chinese medicine with the soap.

The team is continuously studying the soap in order to minimize the effect reduction of the enzyme when creating the soap out of it. The team has encountered a lot of difficulties in their study of the soap and the Chinese medicine. After several years of iterations and being perseverance, this team finally succeeded in developing the Chinese herbal enzyme handmade soaps.